Mission Statement

We Believe in Providing a Place, for Our Employees, Customer and Community Where Everyone Is Treated Like Family 
Byerly Ford is very proud of the commitment that we have to our family! That family includes our Employees, Customers, and the Community around us.  Having been here over 70 years we understand what the word family means. We are eagerly looking forward to 70+ more great years with you!!
 Having been in our Community for over 70 years, Byerly has always felt like we were a part of it's development.  From our philanthropy to the countless ways our employees give back we are honored to serve the Greater Louisville area.  
A very important part of who we are at Byerly Ford is our employees.  We have a staff that we are VERY proud of and we will put up against anyone.  The level of commitment shows by the amount of employees that have been with us for 20, 30 and 40 years.
The Byerly Ford customer is why we are here.  We are open and transparent in our dealings with our customers and it shows in our reviews.  We believe that our strong sense of family translate to a very happy customer.